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I don't have a smartphone, what do I do?

KiwiTicket is designed to be a paperless, mobile first experience, but we recognise some New Zealanders don't use or own a smartphone, or that technology can sometimes fail us. As a backup option, you can ask to be manually admitted. This will take a little longer as you will be looked up on the door list. To be looked up you'll just need to provide the email address you used to buy your tickets on KiwiTicket. If you don't have a KiwiTicket account, and have been shared a ticket, you'll just need to give the name your ticket was shared to - the person who shared the ticket with you will have this. 

How do I sell or transfer my ticket to someone else?

Since there are no physical tickets to exchange, or PDFs to forward on, we will manage this process for you at no cost. To sell your tickets, first make sure you've recalled any shared tickets so you hold all tickets purchased. Next, tell the person buying the tickets to create a KiwiTicket account at Lastly send us an email at, letting us know how many of your tickets, and to what event you are selling, and the persons KiwiTicket email address, who is buying the tickets. We'll transfer those tickets across for you. In the future we will be making this whole process available to you directly in the app.

Can I get a receipt for tax purposes?

You sure can. Most of our customers don't opt for receipts so we no longer send these by default, however, if you do need one, just shoot us an email at with your account email address, and the event you would like the receipt for and we can provide one for you at no cost. 

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